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Song started at 14:01 CET
Christopher Franke - Purple Waves (live)
from the album: The London Concert (1991)

Song started at 13:57 CET
Die Krupps - Neue Helden
from the album: Metalmorphosis of Die Krupps: 81-92 (1996)

Song started at 13:51 CET
Nik Tyndall - Horizonte
from the album: Musik zur Entspannung (1986)

Song started at 13:48 CET
Something Completely Different - Heavenly Thoughts
from the album: Megacatz

Song started at 13:43 CET
Mathias Gurk - US 163
from the album: Stormchaser

Song started at 13:40 CET
After The Fire - 1980 F
from the album: Fetenhits - The Real Classics (1997)

Song started at 13:40 CET
R. van Gemert - A. Heinz - SGRadio - Jingle 1 (short)
from the album: No Album (2016)

Song started at 13:34 CET
Guido Meyer feat. Eighteen - As smooth as me
from the album: As smooth as me (2018)

Song started at 13:31 CET
Joerg Strawe - Events In Motion
from the album: Events In Motion (1990)

Song started at 13:27 CET
Harold Faltermeyer - Fletch Theme
from the year: 1985