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Song started at 07:15 CET
Philippe De Canck - In Search Of The Lost Arc
from the album: The Arc of the Covenant (1994)

Song started at 07:15 CET
R. van Gemert - A. Heinz - SGRadio - Jingle 2
from the album: No Album (2016)

Song started at 06:59 CET
Christopher Franke - Purple Waves (live)
from the album: The London Concert (1991)

Song started at 06:53 CET
Dan de Huis - Rock’n Roll Runnings
from the album: Kick it up Vol. 15 (2015)

Song started at 06:48 CET
The Art of Noise / arr. Ed Starink - Paranoimia
from the album: Synthesizer Greatest Volume 2 (1989)

Song started at 06:43 CET
Harald Grosskopf - So weit, so gut
from the album: Best of Harald Grosskopf (1994)

Song started at 06:37 CET
Ambio - Double Helice
from the album: Fluctuations (2009)

Song started at 06:30 CET
Huminoida - The Sound of Synthesizers
from the album: Whiter Album (2011)

Song started at 06:28 CET
Brian Eno - Mountain of Needless
from the album: Space Night vol. III - cd alpha (1997)

Song started at 06:24 CET
Ladytron - Ace Of Hz
from the album: Gravity The Seducer (2011)