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Founded in 2015 as Synthesizer Greatest Radio the station has been renamed into SG Radio!

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SG Radio presents the very best in electronic music - we play the classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as recent and contemporary tracks! And as we would like to present you a wide range of electronic music we are not biased to a certain genre of electronic music.

Besides the big names such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze we are also playing great music by artists such as Philippe de Canck, Karl Bartos, Andreas Vollenweider, Mike Oldfield, Jan Hammer, Ed Starink, Pino Donaggio, John Carpenter, Johan Timman, Bernd Kistenmacher, Helmut Teubner, and many others! We also play great music by less known artists and offer newcomers to present their music on our station! And as we are addicted to synthesizer music of any kind we also have a passion for Eurodance and progressive/art rock like Saga, Yes or ELP!

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    Our scheduled shows
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      The best retro trax from the John Carpenter, Jan Hammer, David Hasselhoff, DynaTron, and many others.

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      Synthesizer Soundtracks
      The best synthesizer-based film and TV scores - Vangelis, Ken Freeman, Pino Donaggio, John Carpenter, and many others.

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      Best of Electronic Music
      The best electronic tracks from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and from today - presented in our special show.

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      Best of Eurodance
      The best Eurodance tracks from the 90s - with tracks from Haddaway, 2Unlimited, U96, Culture Beat, and many others.

    Track of the Month

    Emerging from the uber-shadow of Jean-Michel Jarre

    Good things come to those who wait. And we waited a very long time and now it's going to happen: Michel Geiss, former long-time artistic collaborator to Jean-Michel Jarre, finally pre-released his very first track Avatar on YouTube and even a complete album is about to follow soon (hopefully).

    Although he already created for example jingles for companies such as Gaumont Pictures, he never published them officially and thus his name was always a sort of insider's tip. While his work for Jean-Michel Jarre is more evident, he always preferred to keep on the sidelines. Besides his work as sound and recording engineer he also invented and built some spectacular instruments for Jarre such as the most-famous Matrisequencer which was used heavily on several albums of Jarre and he created remarkable remixes of Jarre's tracks as well such as his remix of Chronologie 8. But now he emerged from the shadow of the self-proclaimed "godfather of electronic music", always with the risk to be blamed for just copying Jean-Michel Jarre's style.

    And yes, Avatar sounds a lot like Jarre or is it in fact vice-versa?! In fact, it's the best Jarre track since his 1993 Chronologie album. Just kidding. Although one clearly can recognize on which album Geiss was the artistic collaborator, Jarre of course has his own style.

    Michel Geiss' YouTube debut consists of swirling sequencer sounds, a rather dashing lead sound and even some vocoder voices. This musical recipe makes Jarre-fans hearts leap for joy! But to be more precise: Geiss is not copying Jarre.

    The track Avatar is very promising and whets the appetite for more music from the man and mastermind behind the "godfather".