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SG Radio - the official Synthesizer Greatest Radio, presented by StarinkWorld, the official website of Ed Starink.

Founded in 2015 as Synthesizer Greatest Radio the station has been renamed into SG Radio!

SG Radio presents the very best in electronic music - we play the classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as recent and contemporary tracks!

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    Our scheduled shows
    • insep

      The best retro trax from the John Carpenter, Jan Hammer, David Hasselhoff, DynaTron, and many others.

    • insep

      Synthesizer Soundtracks
      The best synthesizer-based film and TV scores - Vangelis, Ken Freeman, Pino Donaggio, John Carpenter, and many others.

    • insep

      Best of Electronic Music
      The best electronic tracks from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and from today - presented in our 6 hours show!

    Album of the month

    New album by Vangelis

    The new Vangelis album, Rosetta, is showing up in several online stores as scheduled for release September 23, 2016, on the Universal Music/Decca label.

    Why 'Rosetta'? In 2014, the Rosetta space probe reached its target and, after 12 years in space, landed on it. For more information please visit

    Universal Music also launched a website to promote the new album:

    Rumour of the month

    Oxygene 14-20?

    In several forums on the web as well as in some Facebook groups it showed up that there might be another sequel of Jean Michel Jarre's bestseller 'Oxygene'.

    What happened? In several online-stores (like amazon for example) they listed a 3CD set named 'The Oxygene Trilogy' as well as the already mentioned 'Oxygene 14-20' album. Nevertheless those entries disappeared again rather shortly. Maybe it's a tricky marketing gambit by Sony Music?

    The scheduled release date is December 2, 2016.